When Dealing with Other People, It’s Important to Account for the Possibility That They’re Different Than You Are

a pile of gifts
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

A reader wrote in with the following suggestion: How about an article about how to deal with it if your metamour does presents but you don’t?


On the surface, it’s a fairly simple issue. So let’s say that your metamour really wants to give and receive presents. That it’s important to them.  » Read more

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Certain Love Languages Are More Difficult in the Time of Pandemic

a heart-shaped piece of snow held in red gloved hands
Image by Dean McCoy / CC BY

Depending on your current situation, your love life could be affected a lot by this pandemic. Or not at all.

For example, my older sister is unhappily single. Gay and trying to date in a small town in the woods. That wasn’t easy even before the rise of covid-19. She keeps posting funny memes about how the pandemic has screwed up a love life situation that was already pretty hopeless seeming.  » Read more

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