10 Things That Happened When I Exclusively Dated a Man Who Wanted Sex Way Less Often Than I Did

a black and white photo of a lonely woman sitting on the ground waiting. She is wearing what appears to be a white top and a flower print skirt. Her hand is pressed to the side of her face.
Image by budibudz / CC BY

Like most people, I grew up being told that when it comes to sex that men are the gas, women are the brakes.

However, when I entered my first long-term monogamous relationship, I discovered the hard way that not everyone follows this pattern. In fact, my boyfriend wanted sex way less often than I did.  » Read more

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So You Think You’re Hypersexual: Living Up to the Hype

large balloon letters of blue graffiti paint that read "hype" on a gray wall of a building
Image by Big Ed Mustapha / CC BY

Hype Is Short for Hypersexual

Hey there, I’m hype. That’s short for hypersexual.

You may be familiar with folks who are ace, which is short for asexual. Asexuality awareness has really taken off in recent years, which is a fantastic thing. Here’s a post on asexuality, aromanticism, and polyamory that I enjoyed.  » Read more

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Baggage Claim

“I said love. Why does that almost always translate to something sexual for you?”

It’s just an SMS on a 2-inch screen. It shouldn’t be filling my eyes with tears, doubling me over in pain, making my world spin.

I text Skyspook a quick apology for reading sexual undercurrents into the message he’d sent earlier.  » Read more

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Wired Differently

If I try to be monogamous with a vanilla man with low libido ever again, someone please inform me of the error of my ways.

I recently had a nice girly evening with the lovely Sika in which we commiserated about the plight of the kinky, libidinous female.

We’re raised culturally to believe that men are hardwired to constantly want sex day and night,  » Read more

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