Certain Love Languages Are More Difficult in the Time of Pandemic

a heart-shaped piece of snow held in red gloved hands
Image by Dean McCoy / CC BY

Depending on your current situation, your love life could be affected a lot by this pandemic. Or not at all.

For example, my older sister is unhappily single. Gay and trying to date in a small town in the woods. That wasn’t easy even before the rise of covid-19. She keeps posting funny memes about how the pandemic has screwed up a love life situation that was already pretty hopeless seeming.  » Read more

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12 Things to Do When Your Long-Distance Partner Moves in With You

a person sitting in a Uhaul truck
Image by Chris Waits / CC BY

When talking about long-distance relationships, most of them fall into one of two buckets:

  • Relationships that are always expected to be long distance.
  • Relationships in which one person is eventually going to move to be closer to the other.

Occasionally, a third type emerges: One in which both parties move and settle in a different location together.  » Read more

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Does Modern Technology Make Separation Easier… or Harder?

a pause button
Image by wendEwho! Thompson / CC BY

I’ve spent the past few months separated from my nesting partner as he’s relocated to take a new job in Texas, and I’ve been staying mostly in Ohio to sell our old house and wrap up loose ends (traveling occasionally to Texas to help him with logistics).

And while it’s only temporary, how temporary it will be has been up in the air for weeks,  » Read more

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Sometimes Polyamory Means Sweet Goodbyes and Hurrying Back

paper that has goodbye and good morning printed on it many times in different orientations
Image by Giovanna Faustini / CC BY

Today’s piece is a guest blog post from Fluffy, an academic in-training, who is studying organizational behavior in hopes of making the world a better place.

Fluffy is a frequent contributor to Poly Land. Their regular blog is Eclectic Discourse (where pith goes to die; in-depth looks at awkward topics).

Here’s what they wrote for us today:

Goodbyes and Sweetness

I held their face in my hands as we kissed,  » Read more

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When You’re in a Long Distance Relationship, It’s Easy to Get Addicted to Waiting and Forget to Live

black and white photo of a train station
Image by Erik / CC BY

There are moments, such as the one that oppresses me now, when I feel my own self far more than I feel external things, and everything transforms into a night of rain and mud where, lost in the solitude of an out-of-the-way station, I wait interminably for the next third-class train.

-Fernando Pessoa,  » Read more

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A Joke About the Difference Between Polyamorous Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Relationships

booze on rocks
Image by Freedom II Andres / CC BY

There’s a joke that goes a little something like this:

Q: What’s the difference between polyamorous primary, secondary, and tertiary relationships?

A: When you move, your primary says, “When are we leaving?”

Your secondary says, “When am I visiting?”

Your tertiary says, “It was nice knowing you.”  » Read more

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