Here are four terms that are used in such conflicting ways as to greatly limit their usefulness:

  • High maintenance
  • Co-dependent
  • Bullying
  • Enabling

Through reviewing the available research and interfacing professionally with specialists in these realms, I’ve noticed there is very little consensus on their actual meaning and proper application to people and behaviors.  » Read more

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Learning that the term “crapshoot” was derived from a roll of the dice in a casino game and not simply an alternate name for the rectum (i.e., the “poop chute”) used idiomatically to denote unpredictability was inordinately disappointing in such a way that it’s been about 20 years since I realized this, and I still remember it vividly.  » Read more

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On Obscurantism

I was cruising through some old chat logs for a romantic trip down memory lane and came across myself explaining to Skyspook about my personal views on language:


Conversation with skyspook at 5/11/2011 on irc:

(2:50:32 PM) page: I wanted to say it without saying it
(2:50:44 PM) page: that’s how poetry is,  » Read more

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