Kinksters Report Fewer Sexual Problems & Higher Sexual Satisfaction Than the Vanilla Population

a green sign that reads "kink" on it in gold letters
Image by Stuart Caie / CC BY

I remember when I first got into kink, got hooked into the kink community. My vanilla friends weren’t quite sure what to do with me. It was interesting in a way — since they knew that I was in an open marriage at the time. That my husband and I saw other people. That we considered ourselves polyamorous.  » Read more

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Are Cat Lovers Masochists?

an angry looking cat
Image by Omer Unlu / CC BY

I never know quite where you stand, and that’s why I’m so into you.

Your attention and affection aren’t readily available. Instead, they’re highly conditional. And those conditions are ever-changing, hidden from the rest of the world.

You play a game whose rules aren’t published anywhere. Because they fluctuate like Fluxx or Calvinball.  » Read more

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Exploring the Kink Scene Was Healthy for Me — and Boy, Did I Ever Resent That

an assortment of cans of frosting. Eight are pictured in their entirety. You can see partial bits of 3 more that are clipped by the photo's scope.
Image by EvelynGiggles / CC BY

Over a decade ago, I plunged onto the kink scene. Once I make up my mind to pursue something, I let go exuberantly, some might say recklessly.

I tend to be rather cautious when I’m considering doing something new. I’m known to research and interview people and to spend quite a while thinking over the issues in question before pursuing it.  » Read more

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Kinksters Are Everywhere

an empty boardroom
Image by reynermedia / CC BY

It’s a funny thing, being a kinkster. Because the kink scene brings people together who might otherwise never meet. I know people from every walk of life. Baristas who are just graduating from college and still living with their parents. Middle aged doctors, lawyers, executives. Retired small business owners. Everyone in between.

And I’ve reliably found that it’s how many friends I have —  » Read more

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