PQ 16.7 — What accommodations do I make if one of my partners experiences jealousy?

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PQ 16.7 — What accommodations do I make if one of my partners experiences jealousy?


You know, when it comes to my anchor partner, I’m really lucky.

Not because he never experiences jealousy (he most certainly does), but because he understands a very crucial distinction between the following two things:

  1. What you’re doing is causing me pain.
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Cultivating Compersion Can Be a Helpful Distraction from the Pain of Tackling Jealousy and Insecurity.

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“Ugh,” I say.

“You okay?” he says.

“Yeah, my neck just hurts.” I rub the sore muscle, frowning. “No biggie. It happens sometimes.”

“Oh, mind if I help you with that?” he asks. “I can do a release.”

I’ve seen his training certificate on the wall. That he knows what he’s doing when it comes to massage therapy.   » Read more

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The Problem with “You’re Just Jealous” as a Conversation Ender

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“I wish you’d just own up to what’s really going on here,” he says.


“You don’t really think it’s a bad idea. Admit it,” he says. “You’re just jealous.”

I don’t know what to say. I settle on, “That’s not what this is about.”

Because it’s true I’ve had my insecurities in the past regarding him but not to an unusual magnitude.  » Read more

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Who Shouldn’t Be Polyamorous?

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Today’s article is a guest blog post by Matthew Shadrake.

Matt is a polyamorous switch and a big ole softie. He has previously contributed 3 posts to Poly.Land:

  1. Twin Demons: How I Learned About Toxic Masculinity and Toxic Monogamy
  2. The Difference Between Having Preferences and Being a Prejudiced Asshole in Online Dating
  3. Firing a Gun Into a Dark Room: Strip Clubs,
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