4 Things I’ve Found to Be True While Dating Polyamorously Regardless of Current Role

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Image by storebukkebruse / CC BY

Whenever possible, I try to offer advice that applies to all sorts of relationships, whether that’s polyamorous, monogamous, or somewhere in between. And when I’m advising polyamorous folks in particular, I do my best to offer advice that will apply to people in a range of different relationship configurations.  Not just help for secondaries,  » Read more

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I Hate Taylor Swift

I hate Taylor Swift.

Okay, not really, but I pretend to – for my father-in-law. It gave us something to talk about, really, as she shimmied on stage in her blingy flapper-style dress, engineered for shaking. We commiserated in that moment, united against a common enemy, a beautiful — albeit overrated – pop star.  » Read more

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