A Thanksmas Miracle: “You Can Bring Someone With You”

a long toy table set for a Thanksgiving meal flanked by several action figures including large trolls who sit on either end
Image by floodllama / CC BY

“You Can Bring Someone With You”

“Just so you know,” Skyspook’s mother says. “If you ever wanted to bring anybody else with you to Thanksmas, you’re completely welcome to. Someone either or both of you are dating.”

Just when I think I can’t love that woman any more.

We’re sitting at her kitchen table.  » Read more

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PQ 5.6 — What values are the most important to me in myself and in others?

an assortment of dozens of markers in different colors all in one box
Image by Mauro Parra-Maranda / CC BY

PQ 5.6 — What values are the most important to me in myself and in others?

Like a lot of people, I have multiple important values that mean a lot to me. But for years, I’ve been envious of people who could distill their top value into a single word. Working in organizational development, I run into this a lot,  » Read more

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graduated cylinders


I graduated this weekend. The ceremony was long, sweaty, and boring — but at the same time vital, I think, to understanding that a milestone had been reached, that something important had in fact happened.

I’d been so focused on getting into a PhD program that it hadn’t occurred to me until recently that what I was doing at school every day mattered and would amount to something,  » Read more

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Silver and Gold

I lost my belief in so many beautiful traditions long ago.


I raised myself on movies of the week and Hallmark moments. As my parents rarely commented on life’s “bigger issues” or even had many conversations beyond “I like what you’ve done with the meatloaf” with each other in front of us,  » Read more

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