I Really Wish I Could Attend at Least One of My Father’s Funerals in Person

a graveyard
Image by Emmett Tulos / CC BY

I’m not sure why I feel so apologetic whenever Mom asks the question I’m getting used to getting from her. “Are the covid cases going down in Dallas yet?”

“No,” I text back. “They’re going up.”

It’s been a long string of record days. Everything’s going in the wrong direction.

A Different Funeral Experience Than Any of Us Had Planned

When Dad passed away in April,  » Read more

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Sometimes You Just Need to Throw Out Anything That Doesn’t Work for You

a stick person sitting in a trash can
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

Here’s a truth for you: someone in your life has died. And now, nobody knows what to say, and it’s going to really, really piss you off. That’s the nature of the beast here. Nobody knows what to say, so they will say things that are quite stupid. And they’ll say things that make you cry and things that’ll make you want to punch them in their ugly fucking face.  » Read more

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