Just Because You Had a Bad Party Composition, It Doesn’t Mean Your Character Is Useless or You’re a Bad Player

an assortment of gaming dice
Image by James Bowe / CC BY

She’s doing it again. Beating herself up. We’ve been friends for a while now, and while I enjoy many things about her, her tendency to beat herself up over and over again about things that aren’t her fault? Well, let’s say it doesn’t make the Top 10 list of reasons I like her.

But there’s plenty of other stuff on that list,  » Read more

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The Hardest Part of Opening an Existing Relationship: You Can’t Reroll Your Partner’s Stats (or Your Own)

a tower of various blue dice (D4, D10, D12, D6, D20, etc) balanced so as to form a tower. They are on a character sheet for on a wooden table. The background is blurry but appears to have other dice.
Image by Scott Akerman / CC BY

The most difficult part of opening up a relationship is that you’re changing its terms. However, it isn’t just the adjustment stress that can accompany all change (although that can be tough). It’s also that most of the time you didn’t go into the relationship expecting it to be open. And suddenly things that never mattered,  » Read more

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Anxiety Says, “Save Often. You Never Know When There Will Be a Boss Fight.”

a person wearing a Moogle costume (from the Final Fantasy series). Moogles are fuzzy white creatures with a big red nose and a big red ball on top of their head connected by a flexible wire (kind of like a single antenna with a ball on it)
Image by Andrew Evans / CC BY

For a while I was really into Let’s Play videos, playthroughs of games accompanied by the gamer’s color commentary. The best LPs are hilarious, and oddly like hanging out with a friend who is both wittier and better at games than you are.

“Page, you could never do a Let’s Play,” my friend John told me.  » Read more

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