Turns Out a Lot of Friends With Benefits Want the Connection to Turn Romantic

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Ah, the friends with benefits (FWB) relationship… Just invoking it can cause sharp reactions in people. The label has a rather storied history, one that can be quite divisive, with many people saying they’d never pursue one and other people saying it’s a form of connection they prefer.

Still others say that they don’t do friends with benefits and go on to describe a situation that sounds remarkably like a traditional FWB setup,  » Read more

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If It Isn’t an Official Relationship, Is It Automatically Friends with Benefits?

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Image by jane Hewitt / CC BY

I still think fondly of Jay.

I met Jay at a student pagan gathering. When I’d called the office asking if atheists were welcome (how I identified at the time), I was assured that they were completely interfaith. Even practitioners of Abrahamic religions were encouraged to attend.

But I noted as soon as I arrived that I was surrounded by Wiccans.  » Read more

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