That Moment When You Realize You’ve Grown Apart From Someone

a wavy plant with red leaves in a planter that's a white bowl with a wicker covering. Plant is growing in a twisted way but towards the light source
Image by Joe Le Merou / CC BY

“I am so upset with them,” I say, confiding in a friend.

“What did they do this time?” my friend asks. Because this is far from their first rodeo as far as this long-term friend of mine is concerned. Where once upon a time, we were truly close, there have been a series of unbelievably disappointing occurrences over the past several years.  » Read more

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Maybe It’s Easier If You’ve Never Really Been Close to Other People

a wool blanket with a plaid pattern on it
Image by Joanna Bourne / CC BY

My first close friendships were blisteringly intense.

I had one childhood friend, Emma, whose parents were both zoologists. Emma’s family let me come along with them on their family vacations. I can remember vividly, even now, lying with Emma under the covers at night in an old farmhouse as the wind made noise in the rafters,  » Read more

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It’s Far Too Easy to Confuse One Type of Friendship With Another

Two rocks that have sunglasses, hands, and feet drawn on them to make them into stick people. They are holding hands.
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

In a recent post, I talked about how confusing the conversations we have around love can be. As I wrote then, part of this confusion is because what we call “love” and what another person calls “love” may very well not be the same thing. And it certainly doesn’t help that one person can talk about many different kinds of love,  » Read more

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I’ve Danced With George Michael So Many Times

This is street art featuring 3 painted portraits of George Michael side by side, in 3 different colors (magenta, blue, black)
Image by Matt Brown / CC BY

I have a gay male friend who is tall, has a full beard, and is very masculine but often dresses up for house parties in a fabulous dress with matching accessories. The entire glamorous works.

Well, I call him gay. But I think he considers himself Kinsey 5. I faintly recall one time his telling me that he likes boobs and has had a good time in MMF threesomes where he wasn’t directly engaged with the below bits of a lady.   » Read more

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