Those Moments When I Worry I’m Just a Very Intelligent Digestive System

a needlepoint featuring the digestive system
Image by Hey Paul Studios / CC BY

“I bet there’s good stuff to eat there,” the voice on the phone says.

I sigh. “Yeah, a ton of restaurants.” Because it’s true. Just like I was amazed by the wide array of offerings available to me when I moved from Central Maine to Cleveland, it’d be hard to not notice how many more restaurants there are in Dallas-Fort Worth,  » Read more

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Food Pushers

I have somehow become the resident office food curmudgeon. If I ate every bit of pizza or birthday cake my co-workers try to push on me, it would be enough that even dieting and exercising diligently, I’d have a hard time losing weight. I *might* be able to manage a bit of loss even so,  » Read more

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