No, Polyamory Isn’t Just for Rich People

a black and white photo of a woman ostentatiously garbed in 1920's flapper attire
Image by sunshinecity / CC BY

It’s a criticism I hear fairly often of polyamory: Having multiple simultaneous romantic relationships is a classist idea. Some say polyamory is just for rich trust fund kids who have the scratch to go on twice, thrice, or four times as many dates.

It’s said that polyamory and other forms of consensual non-monogamy are inaccessible to all but the wealthiest among us.  » Read more

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“You can buy some new running gear if you want,” Skyspook said.

He’d been looking online at some leggings for winter biking. As he’s too tall for the frame of a standard bike, he had to have one custom built. So he built it himself. From scratch. He researched all the processes involved,  » Read more

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Portion Control

“A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the most guts, who can punish himself into exhausting pace, and then at the end, punish himself even more.”

Steve Prefontaine


apophenia : the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data.  » Read more

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Okay, let’s start off by saying that however agreeable I seem, I am NOT someone who likes teamwork. Here’s an excerpt from a blog I kept for a class I was taking (creative non-fiction) a few years ago regarding my dynamic with Ex-Husband:

We are tethered together. When one of us falls,  » Read more

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