Advice Friend: My Partner Is Sharing Posts from a Polyamory Page, Should I Be Concerned I’m Being Cheated On?

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Hi Page,

The person I’ve been dating for 3-1/2 years has recently been reposting your stuff from Facebook.

Should I bring it up and directly ask if he is polyamorous? And if I didn’t know this about him, would that be considered cheating since it wasn’t “knowledge or consent of BOTH parties,”  » Read more

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Misery Loves Company… In Real Life or Online

a coffee mug featuring the face of Eeyore, the depressed donkey character from Winnie the Pooh
Image by Ben Babcock / CC BY

She’s holding her phone, scrolling through Facebook. She groans at something she sees. “Guess it’s time to snooze their posts for a while again.”

Snooze is a feature she uses a lot, allowing her not to see content from the person in question for 30 days. She’s found it extraordinarily useful ever since Facebook implemented it.  » Read more

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We Broke Up, But Facebook Thinks We’re Still Together

a blue button in the Facebook user interface style. It has a thumbs down symbol and says Dislike
Image by Sean MacEntee / CC BY

My phone buzzes. I glance at the lock screen. And immediately sigh.

My newly ex-boyfriend has posted another status. Something about sports. Inscrutable to those who don’t possess encyclopedic knowledge of various plays. Codified like a comparative analysis of chess openings. Not my language.

And what am I doing looking at this status anyway?  » Read more

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I had written recently about the possibility that I’d regret cutting ties with my friends back in Maine when Ex-Husband and I divorced.

It’s timely that this week Ex-Husband shot me a Facebook request, and I accepted.

It’s been quite an eye opening experience. I was thinking there’d be some residual feelings that would be stirred reading his updates,  » Read more

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