Risky Sex Is Judged More Harshly Than Objectively More Lethal Non-Sexual Risks

a sign that reads "Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, want to throw out a ceremonial first pitch?..."
Image by Maggie / CC BY

Which decision is more lethal?:

  • Deciding to drive from Detroit to Chicago
  • Having sex without a condom with a person whose HIV status is unknown

If you’re anything like most people, you will say that the second scenario is the riskier one. That risky sex poses more danger to you than a simple car trip from Detroit to Chicago.  » Read more

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If You Leave a Note Before You Go Out, Will They Still Yell At You When You Get Home?

an invisible car in the style of Wonder Woman's invisible jet
Image by Steve Jurvetson / CC BY

It was something I was told a thousand times growing up. If you’re going to go out, leave a note.

By my mother when I was staying at my parents’ house. But not just her and not just there. Everywhere. At all the other places I stayed. Friends’ houses. With other relatives.  » Read more

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Why Someone Speeds Up When You’re Trying to Pass Them on the Highway

a scene of a highway at night in downtown Seattle
Image by Matthew Rutledge / CC BY

“Oh of course you’re gonna slow down now,” Justin says, shaking his head. He swears colorfully. So colorfully. It’s a veritable rainbow of profanity.

The driver in question has just committed a pet peeve of his — and of many other people. It’s a very familiar frustrating situation: Another driver is going rather slow on the highway.  » Read more

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