The More We See Intentionally Misleading Articles, the More Likely We Are to Share Them

a person with short hair reading a newspaper that is on fire
Image by Pexels / CC 0

Just because something’s said a lot, it doesn’t mean it’s true. And just because a post goes viral, it doesn’t mean it’s full of actual information.

You might be going “well, duh.” Obvious, right?

Well sorta. Because while most of us know this with our conscious minds, when it comes to our behaviors and how we react to things in the real world…  » Read more

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It’s Important to Remember We Don’t Know What We’re Missing

a brick wall with a brick missing
Image by lamdogjunkie / CC BY

Sometimes the Internet seems like Pandora’s box. It’s easier than ever before for disinformation to spread. It makes the early ages of yellow journalism seem quaint in comparison.

But even as I say this, I can’t deny how many benefits it’s simultaneously presented. Online shopping is hard to ignore, how incredibly helpful it is to be able to get practically anything you’d ever want shipped to you…  » Read more

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