What Remains

Monster was a good kitty.


He was ancient, nearly 20, although like many cats, his appearance didn’t betray his age. Had I found him on the street, I would have thought he seemed 10 or so. The legend is that Monster started his life as a kitten hiding in a hot tub enclosure,  » Read more

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…I don’t understand (dream)

I dreamt last night that I got a phone call notifying me that my ex-husband Seth had died. Apparently it had been defending my older sister, who was being attacked by her ex-girlfriend (those two had a contentious break-up themselves involving a court appearance for a restraining order). In dream space, my sister was in the hospital recovering from her extensive injuries.  » Read more

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In Pieces

Ex-Husband used to have a difficult time falling asleep because he’d often find himself awake, fearing death. Fear of dying plagued his existence. I really don’t worry about death much. I worry more about debility or mutilation – be it loss of a limb through amputation or traumatic brain injury.

I am quite familiar with many of the pragmatics involved.  » Read more

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