Dear God Is Monogamy Easier When You Stop Shaming Yourself for Crushes

a bunch of stick figure seeming dolls, all happy, moving in a crowd
Image by Alexandre Delbos / CC BY

“I have to thank you for me having sanity,” my monogamous friend Gull says.

“Ooooo,” I say. I lean forward in my chair. This sounds like it’s gonna be good.

“So okay, I’ve been talking to this dude for about six months,” she says. “And the friendship kind of got thrown into close friendship quickly due to stupid stuff from external drama.”  » Read more

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Stupid Ravioli Crush

ravioli with marinara sauce on a plate

It’s a painful kind of limbo, being extremely physically attracted to someone, all the while knowing if I actually had to be in a relationship with them, odds are I would be constructing a morning star from large unopened ravioli cans and wailing them in the head before the end of the first week.  » Read more

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