3 Reasons Why I Prefer to Call It Consensual Non-Monogamy

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Hi Page,

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about ethical non-monogamy as a way of describing polyamory and other forms of open relationships. I’ve noticed you don’t do that. Instead, you say “consensual non-monogamy.” Why? 

1. Ethics are subjective.

ethical (adjective) – relating to moral principles or the branch of knowledge dealing with these,  » Read more

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Why Does No Mean Something Different Based on Who Says It?

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Today’s article is a guest writing from Justin Case.

Geek by day, geek by night, Justin Case grew up in a town without stoplights and developed his impressive mechanical skills by taking apart toasters when he was still in diapers (thankfully, he survived those early experiments and is still with us). An engineer who specializes in systems,  » Read more

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“I Was Slapped in the Face During Sex Without My Consent. Was I Raped?”

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Bit of a personal one, but here goes.

I was in a relationship with a guy who was kinky and poly. I was definitely curious to the kink side of things. I’d also had some abuse in my background. My “friend” and I talked about all of this. I don’t know if me being curious and interested amounts to consent,  » Read more

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3 Differences Between a Dominant & Someone Who Just Uses it as an Excuse to Be Controlling

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What is the difference between a dominant and someone who just uses it as an excuse to be controlling?


1. Consent Is an Important Part of Dominance.

The bottom line is very simple: It boils down to consent.

A healthy D/s relationship happens between two people who are willing participants.  » Read more

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Consent Culture Is Hard, Yo.

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Today’s piece is a guest blog post from Fluffy, an academic in-training, who is studying organizational behavior in hopes of making the world a better place.

They previously contributed three articles to Poly.Land:

  1. “Is There a Right Time or Way to Break Up a Relationship?” 
  2. “I Was Treated as a Disease Vector: Why There Are So Few Gay Men in Pansexual Polyamory”
  3. “Being Single Sucks,
  4.   » Read more

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The Kind of Exhibitionism I’ve Grown Leery Of

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Image by Laura Megumi Thatcher / CC BY

I’ve been on the kink scene formally for about a decade now. And overall, it’s been a very positive experience. I’ve developed relationships (friendly, romantic, and otherwise) that are incredibly important to me. More intimate than most of the ones I’ve forged in the vanilla world. And yet, being on the kink scene hasn’t been without its difficulties.  » Read more

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