What Are Love Maps?

a pile of assorted maps
Image by Pexels / CC 0

I tend to be a very intentional person. A planner. It’s probably why I became a psychological researcher in the first place. When I discovered there was a discipline already in place that tests our intuitions about each other and how the interpersonal world operates… well, it was frankly a huge relief.

I do a weekend series on this blog called “  » Read more

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You’re Likely to Weight Your Introduction to Something Far More Than You Should

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Image by Keith Hall / CC BY

It can be kind of annoying sometimes, and humbling, but the truth is that the human brain is calibrated for speed, not accuracy.

It makes sense when you think of it from an evolutionary perspective. Snap decisions are crucial in survival settings. If you’re being chased by a predator, it’s more important that you react quickly.  » Read more

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Many People Think They Are Fair While Only Seeing What They Want to See

a bunch of playing cards. An ace of hearts is front and center and clear. Several others are out of focus and blurry in the background
Image by Theo Crazzolara / CC BY

I’m sitting in the courtroom trying to pay careful attention to the questions the lawyers are asking my fellow potential jurors. I know it’s unlikely that I’ll even get to speak. I was called last in my pool. I’ll only be asked to actively participate in voir dire — the jury selection process whereby we’re questioned by both lawyers to determine how suitable we are to serve —  » Read more

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The Taxonomy of Cacti, or Poly Curiosity Killed the Cat’s Social Life

flowering cactus with pretty pink blooms
Image by Michal Mañas / CC BY

It’s fairly easy to generate a plethora of positive-sounding reasons why someone might be a good fit for polyamory. You could be a person who loves freely, without boundaries, secure, set on enriching your own life and as many other lives as possible through unique personal connections, intent on having myriad intense life experiences.

Me?  » Read more

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