Intellectually Humble People Are Better at Applying What They’ve Learned

a white tote bag next to a navy blue backpack. the white tote bag reads in black letters "work hard stay humble"
Image by chaiyawat p / CC BY

As I’ve mentioned in previous installments of this series, Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias whereby the most unskilled or incompetent individuals think they are much better at things than they actually are. For more information on Dunning-Kruger, please feel free to read the following two articles:

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What Is Better-Than-Average Effect? Are There Factors That Make It More Likely?

A thermometer with mercury bursting through the glass. Levels on the thermometer are Invincible, Strong, Steady, Building, and Fair. The thermometer is called "Confidence Level"
Image by Vic / CC BY

Most people with any degree of familiarity with psychological research know that in general, when you look over a large enough group of people, you will find a fairly consistent pattern: The majority of people think they are better than average.

This is of course statistically impossible. But it happens over and over again and has for decades.  » Read more

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The World Needs More Atypical Writers

a haphazardly piled stack of 7 pencils in various colors
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

People make a lot of assumptions about you when you have a large platform. Especially when you’re just starting to break through.

You get the strangest comments from people, ones that clearly assume things about your personality and intention for writing that aren’t in the pieces themselves. That are instead drawn from people’s opinions of what writers who have grown popular must be like personality-wise.  » Read more

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Ask Page: I Thought Confidence Was Supposed To Be Attractive, Why Is It Turning Me Off?

a child's tricycle stuck in a puddle
Image by Bill Smith / CC BY

My partner recently lost a lot of weight. He’s been trying for years, and I’m genuinely happy for him. He looks great. Problem is that he KNOWS it. I’m all for self-confidence, but he’s downright cocky. Rude. It’s gotten to the point that friends of ours have started to comment on how much he’s changed…  » Read more

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