That Moment When You Realize You’ve Grown Apart From Someone

a wavy plant with red leaves in a planter that's a white bowl with a wicker covering. Plant is growing in a twisted way but towards the light source
Image by Joe Le Merou / CC BY

“I am so upset with them,” I say, confiding in a friend.

“What did they do this time?” my friend asks. Because this is far from their first rodeo as far as this long-term friend of mine is concerned. Where once upon a time, we were truly close, there have been a series of unbelievably disappointing occurrences over the past several years.  » Read more

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People Can and Do Change But Not Just Because You Want Them To

5 dandelion seed puffs in various colors; from left to right white, yellow, blue-green, green, and purple
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“People don’t change,” he says.

And I can tell he thinks he’s absolutely right by the way he says it. But that’s the funny thing about confidence: It doesn’t always equate to accuracy or skill (in fact, there’s research that suggests that confident people are less skilled, and more highly skilled folks are plagued by doubt).  » Read more

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People Who Believe in “Destiny” Are More Likely to Ghost Romantic Partners

a cartoon ghost
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

I’ve featured many articles on ghosting over the course of writing this blog, including this post on the 4 reasons why people ghost.

I’m sure just about everyone has heard of it by now, but just in case you haven’t, ghosting is the act of breaking off a relationship by spontaneously ceasing all contact and communication without warning someone or explaining it to them first.  » Read more

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When Relationships Are Simultaneous, It’s Harder to Dismiss Your Concerns About Them

dice doubles. 8 dice arranged in 4 pairs of 2, a pair of 4's, a pair of 5's, a pair of 6's, and a pair of 7's
Image by Clint Budd / CC BY

I recently posted an essay called “A Bad Partner Fit Can Make You Feel Like You’re Worthless.” In it, I contrast two relationships I’ve been in, not by discussing the qualities of the two different partners, but by sharing the different ways they described me: 

It’s easy to come up with differences between those two relationships.  » Read more

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The Difference Between a Rough Spot & a Bad Fit Is Like the Difference Between a Cold Day & a Cold Season

a snowy field in winter
Image by Rebecca Wilson / CC BY

I moved to Dallas about five months ago. Prior to that, I’d always lived in cold places. I spent my childhood and my early adulthood in Central Maine, where snow fell six months out of the year, and while it did warm up a bit during the summer months, it never really got hot-hot.

And it certainly didn’t last.  » Read more

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I’m Communicosexual and Communicoromantic. Are You?

two stick figures with overlapping speech bubbles
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

Communicosexual (adjective): finding the ability to effectively communicate and hold enjoyable conversation sexually attractive or arousing

Communicoromantic (adjective): being romantically attracted to individuals with which one can have effective communication and enjoyable conversation


When it comes to dating and love, I’m actually pretty flexible in my expectations. I’m open to dating all sorts of folks.  » Read more

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