How to Deal With It When One Partner Wants to Have Deep Conversations Before Bed & the Other Really Doesn’t

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Hi Page, 

I really liked your article “I Wish I Didn’t Feel Like Having Deep Conversations Right Before Bed.” It was relevant to me because I’ve been in both positions. I’ve been the person wanting to talk about something heavy at the wrong time and also the person who just wants to get to sleep already and is annoyed.  » Read more

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The Difference Between “No, But” and “Yes, And”

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For a very long time, I’ve been extremely irritated by a phenomenon I call the “False Correction”

What is the False Correction? It’s pretty simple. It’s when someone acts like you’re wrong and they’re correcting you about something, but they’re just being more specific than you were. And the general thing you said was true.  » Read more

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