What Is a Situationship?

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Image by Wee Sen Goh / CC BY

As anyone who has read this blog for any length of time is aware, I am a lover of new words. And as a relationship writer, there’s no shortage of new words coming into the public conversation about love, sex, and dating.

Today I present to you situationship, a word that keeps popping up in articles that I’ve been reading.  » Read more

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What Is Fraysexuality?

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Image by Neal Fowler / CC BY

I previously posted an article that recounted a conversation I had with a friend about¬†megasexuality¬†(not feeling a romantic connection with someone unless there’s a strong sexual connection in place), which my friend referred to as the opposite of demisexuality¬†(not experiencing sexual attraction until an emotional connection is formed).

Interestingly,  » Read more

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