Is It Better to Be With a Slob Who Tries or Another Neatnik Who Disagrees With You?

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I’ve always been pretty laid back about chores, organization, and the state of a home.

do have a point where I tap out. I don’t like living in squalor. Once upon a time, this tipping point was something I think of as “the tripping point,” i.e., the point at which there’s no clear pathway through a room.  » Read more

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It’s Best to Clean Before the House Gets Dirty & Do Maintenance Before Things Break

hand holding a sponge that has a heart-shaped blob of soap on it
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I love the house I live in. My husband bought it when he was single, about six months before we started dating, as an investment, planning to flip it down the road. But I’ve been terribly amused by how much I love it. Our neighborhood. How it’s decorated. If I’d been with him then, I would have been excited about buying this house.  » Read more

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The Supernormal Stimulus: Figuring Out What Matters Most to Your Partner & Doing It

a photograph of a person wearing a straw hat and a white dress with a blue cloth tied around their waist leading about a dozen geese with a dog herding the geese from behind
Image by Pixabay / CC 0

In the 90s, I lived with a wide variety of people. Sometimes I stayed with relatives, but other times I crashed at friends’ houses, friends who were still living with their parents, since their teenaged home lives were more conventional than my own.

At one house I crashed with college professors who had the world’s smallest,  » Read more

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