What Might Seem Like “Laziness” Could In Fact Be Different Priorities 

a collection of 3 Daleks (one red, one white, one blue), robot villains from the TV Show Dr. Who, in the grass
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As I mentioned before, I’m naturally fairly laidback about chores. I happily do them and pitch in wherever I can (and at times, I do something like 15-20 hours of chores a week). But I’m not someone that’s ever going to be automatically repulsed by clutter or a mess.

This is likely an adaptation based on how I spent my teenage years:

 …the short version is that in the 90s,  » Read more

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Is It Better to Be With a Slob Who Tries or Another Neatnik Who Disagrees With You?

a mop and bucket
Image by Phil Parker / CC BY

I’ve always been pretty laid back about chores, organization, and the state of a home.

do have a point where I tap out. I don’t like living in squalor. Once upon a time, this tipping point was something I think of as “the tripping point,” i.e., the point at which there’s no clear pathway through a room.  » Read more

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The Supernormal Stimulus: Figuring Out What Matters Most to Your Partner & Doing It

a photograph of a person wearing a straw hat and a white dress with a blue cloth tied around their waist leading about a dozen geese with a dog herding the geese from behind
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In the 90s, I lived with a wide variety of people. Sometimes I stayed with relatives, but other times I crashed at friends’ houses, friends who were still living with their parents, since their teenaged home lives were more conventional than my own.

At one house I crashed with college professors who had the world’s smallest,  » Read more

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