A Resilient Relationship Is Strong Like Gold Instead of Strong Like Steel

a gold bar
Image by Sprott Money / CC BY

A while back, a friend sent me a video in which a person attempts to feed a gold bar into an industrial shredder. After several tries, the gold bar is pretty ragged along one edge, yet more or less intact. It has survived the shredder.

Well, I’ll be.

It becomes extra wild when you consider one fact: This grade of industrial shredder can literally chew up a truck.  » Read more

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Not Permission, Not Chaos: Toward a Buy-In Model of Polyamory

a stick figure person drawn on a sheet of typing paper with 4 connector cables attached to its head
Image by Omran Jamal / CC BY

It can be a difficult balance to strike in polyamory: How to add new partners to an existing relationship system without upsetting the relationships that are already in place.

A number of common strategies exist. Some relationship systems have extensive permission structures in place. Existing partners are consulted and each is called upon to approve or veto potential new relationships.  » Read more

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