a cat in a carrier

Accepting Reality Doesn’t Mean It Always Feels Good

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I feel empty as we’re driving home without him. Both of my cats are elderly — I know what that means. But it still hurts in the moment, as you’re dealing with illness — and mortality, its spectral twin always waiting in the wings.

Accepting reality doesn’t mean it always feels good.

a small black cat stretched on a blanket sleeping

Learning to Find Variety in the Sameness

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If there’s anything I’ve learned this past year it’s how to find variety in the sameness. This mostly comes in the form of savoring the teeniest, tiniest moments. Making sure I properly reflect upon them before they inevitably slip away.

a watering can sitting next to a cactus

I Always Want More of You & I Used to Take That the Wrong Way

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Some people are more like dogs. They jump and tackle you. Bowl you over with affection. It can be exciting — but sometimes it gets to be a little much.

You, you’re different. You’re warm and intense. Incredibly affectionate. But it’s measured. Meted out. You take your time.