You Can Become Addicted to Anger & Not Even Know It

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Every so often, when I tell someone that I have a professional background in psychological research, they’ll immediately start talking to me about Sigmund Freud.

And inevitably I’ll end up conveying the same information: Freud’s a famous guy, and a lot of people’s “picture” of psychology — but he wasn’t a scientist. He formed a lot of hypotheses,  » Read more

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Yelling at Technology: Don’t Treat People-y Things Like Things

black background with white text that reads "Character is who you are when no one is watching."

Martin and Veaux’s Polyamorous Secondary Relationship Card has been making the rounds again lately.  A bunch of folks in my friends circle have been having good discussions about it. There’s a reason it resonates. People still struggle to clearly communicate their wants and needs in relationships and practice informed consent.

And yeah,  » Read more

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