When You’re Trying Your Hardest But It Still Isn’t Good Enough

a dark green chair in an otherwise empty white room
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It’s happened so many times. I’ll be sitting in a room with someone else, and they’ll say, “What’s that sound?”

And even though I’ll drop everything I’m doing and strain to hear it, it’ll typically take me at least a few seconds to figure out what they’re talking about.

“I can’t believe you didn’t hear that,”  » Read more

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You Get What You Expect, Kinda: Resilient People Aren’t Always Positive

a piece of looseleaf paper that says in cursive "hegel. merde." with a pen lying next to it
Image by Margherita Puzzo / CC BY

I Try Smiling

“You get what you expect,” the instructor says.

It’s my first day of community college. We’re sitting in a small room with desks that are at least 30 years old. Mine has vaguely letter-like shapes carved into it. What it says is illegible. It’s a pity, really.  I want somewhere to put my eyes because my anxiety is in rare form.  » Read more

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Here are four terms that are used in such conflicting ways as to greatly limit their usefulness:

  • High maintenance
  • Co-dependent
  • Bullying
  • Enabling

Through reviewing the available research and interfacing professionally with specialists in these realms, I’ve noticed there is very little consensus on their actual meaning and proper application to people and behaviors.  » Read more

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