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When Do You Decide Someone’s a Hopeless Case?

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When do you decide someone’s a hopeless case?” she says. She’s been describing a troubling pattern of mistreatment and then apology with her and another person. It’s been going on a long time. She’s very unhappy. And while she’s an optimist, she just isn’t seeing much improvement. Instead, the apologies seem more like placation. Smoothing over. With no intention to really change.

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Your Toxic Ex’s Self-Deception

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I know it’s hard to watch the way your toxic ex has rewritten history. The distorted way they talk about the time you spent together — and what it all means now that it’s over.

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Sometimes What Feels Like a Loss Turns Out to Be a Big Gain

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My relationship with myself improved. Ours fell to pieces. And when it happened, it felt like the end of the world. But something else happened… when my life emptied out, other things flowed in. I had room for people who were supportive and kind.

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But What If They Don’t Follow the Breakup Plan?

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All a breakup plan does is help assure you that your delivery of bad news wasn’t cruel. It doesn’t ensure that the other person won’t take it hard or that it’ll be a painless process for you.

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Loyalty Is Beautiful, But Sometimes You Need to Leave.

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Sometimes people who would leave you in a heartbeat if it benefitted them (like an employer who does layoffs willy-nilly) will be the most likely to complain that they’re being victimized by an exit.