The Ruthful Pragmatist: You Can Tell A Lot About a Person From the Trade-Offs They Choose

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Most people know the word “ruthless.” It’s fairly commonly used. It means “having or showing no pity for others.”

And “pragmatic” means “practical.”

So a ruthless pragmatist is a person who is so practical that they go for what they want, screw the cost. They care about results before everything else,  » Read more

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How Are We Supposed to Really Understand Sex If We’re Not Comfortable Talking About It?

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It’s happy hour at the bar with Skyspook’s coworkers. I’m his designated driver and feeling a bit out of place as a plus one. Most of the people there I’m meeting for the first time, and they’re nice enough, so I do my best to chat with them.

I’m relieved when Skyspook’s boss walks up to me since we’ve met in the past and talked before.  » Read more

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Fan Letter to a Total Stranger

Post-It Note

I’m writing to you to thank you for the Post-It tucked inside the front cover of the copy of Women Who Love Too Much I bought secondhand with the list of other “Suggested Reading” you left for the next person who’d read it. Thank you for your insights, the notes you jotted in the margins,  » Read more

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