The Relief of Finally Being Visibly and Actively Biromantic

a sun in the middle of the sky over a body of water
Image by Bluebells 2008 / CC BY

As I wrote in an earlier piece, while I didn’t practice polyamory until the last decade or so, I’ve been bisexual for as long as I can remember. And as such, I’m no stranger to bisexual erasure. It’s been a constant companion no matter where I go.

Bisexual erasure involves basically any attempt to invalidate bisexuality as a real sexual identity,  » Read more

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Bisexuality, Islands of Desire, and Invisible Polyamory

an aerial view of a string of forested islands
Image by Lau Svensson / CC BY

Invisible Polyamory

Skyspook and I have been charting my polyamorous web chart for the second book (Update: it’s out!). A map of my current relationship system, with all of my partners’ partners and so on. Taken as a whole, it looks hopelessly complicated.

But it never feels that way. These days it’s a pretty stable system.  » Read more

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Sexual Fluidity: Sailing Polyamory Through Uncharted Waters

a large galleon (old-fashioned ship with 2 large masts) is docked at a harbor
Image by Rob Bixby / CC BY

“What prompted the ‘biphobic’ comment from a reader?” they ask me.

I laugh. “That was several months ago. It was in response to this post. I admit in the piece I was near the line, and I knew it would be controversial. I was encouraged by several other queer people to write it because they wanted to but feared the backlash.”  » Read more

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