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a child with their hands in front of their face, palms towards the camera. The palms have swirling multicolored paint on them

You’re Never Going to Wish You Enjoyed This Less

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Sometimes I wish I could go back to that former version of myself — the one who was scared, who thought this relationship was “too good to be true,” who convinced herself that it’d all end at any time. I wish I could go back and tell her, “You’re never going to wish you enjoyed this less.”

a person looking at the camera through binoculars

Hey, Lonely Kid, I See You.

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I’m good at seeing the people who want to be part of something social but are having trouble working out how to jump in. There’s a reason for this — something that shocks people who know me in real life, even some who know me well: I was a lonely kid. I struggle with anxiety myself. And I don’t always feel like I fit in.

the view of a road from inside of one car following another

The Wrong People Have All the Fear

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It’s the sweetest people I know who are always worried about the impact they have on others, who try to really hard to navigate situations well. And it’s the the bad actors who feel confident driving however they want.

a white chest freezer with its top lid open

We’re All Coming Out of Stasis Feeling a Little Freezer Burned

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“Well, if it makes you feel any better,” I confess, “I’ve asked around, and most folks are going through the same thing, particularly if they’ve been stuck inside a lot. We’re all coming out of stasis feeling a little freezer burned.”

a baseball in a baseball glove sitting in a grassy field

I Am Worrying Until It Happens

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I can’t help myself. I am worrying up until it happens. And the worst part of it is that if it never happens, this means that I’m worrying forever. I’m training for a game I’ll never actually have to play. And it isn’t even fun.