“I mostly feel terrible about not getting into grad school because it was the justification for my not working while I went to school, that I was going to work really hard so I could get accepted somewhere,” I told Spook as we drove home from Chicago.

“That wasn’t it at all,” Spook said.  » Read more

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Framing Effects

It’s been a rough semester. To the total surprise of all of the professors and research advisors rooting for me, I didn’t land a position in a PhD program for next fall, despite all of the things that make me an excellent candidate, lots of research experience, crazy great GRE scores and grades, and glowing recommendations.  » Read more

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Second City

I’m writing this in my head in a hotel room in Chicago. I can’t sleep. I hate it when I’m exhausted and turn in early only to wake up in the middle of the night with my body squarely deciding it’s only interested in a nap, k thx. But here I am.

It’s my first time visiting the city,  » Read more

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i-27d4775dda188d3c4c57ce61e8cb67c8-Arctic Creature 6 - nemertean pelagonemertes rollestoni

Skyspook: You say you don’t have strong opinions, but you do.

Me: Oh yeah?

Skyspook: It’s because it’s something you value about yourself , that you’re unopinionated, that you don’t have preferences. Even though you do.

Me: Ugh, stop that.

Skyspook: And apparently you’re ashamed that you’re proud of that.  » Read more

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Americans and Their Comfy Seats

On my city bus ride into campus this morning, I was sitting in front of a British man and his female co-worker,  a native Ohioan, one of the locals. Listening to him ask her questions about the area, it brought me back to the first months that I spent here, overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to do nearby.  » Read more

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When Skyspook and I first started dating 3 years ago, he was seeing 2 other married women in addition to me, and I had a husband, another boyfriend, and 2 girlfriends. There were also a few others that I sent intimate texts and emails to that would have gotten me in trouble if I had been exclusively partnered–including the notorious Slut Monkey!  » Read more

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One thing leads to another

I have a dear friend F who is working on their* master’s thesis at the moment. We met recently for lunch with another academic kinkster friend, and F, who already had to postpone their thesis defense to summer session because of the IRB (internal ethics committee that needs to approve all research projects) moving at IRB speed (which is somewhere between drying paint and the pony express depending on day,  » Read more

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