Custom Orders

One of the refreshing aspects of my 24/7 dynamic with Skyspook is that we do what feels right, communicate, carve out the rules, protocols, and behaviors that feel natural to us.

I, for one, love orders. Love, love, love when Skyspook tells me to do something. That was actually one of the things that tipped me off that I had more of a slave orientation rather than just submissive masochism for pain scenes,  » Read more

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As of late, I’ve joined a number of forums on Fetlife geared towards slaves, so I can read posts by other people who are interested in the kind of arrangement I’m working toward for a number of reasons. Emotional validation, ideas, learning from the experience of other slaves.


It’s been interesting to say the least.  » Read more

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I’m a pervert. My best friends are perverts. Virtually everyone I interact with on a daily basis these days is a pervert.

That doesn’t mean we’re creepy about it. All shifty eyes, predatory, or rife with shame.

Cheeky, yes. Creepy, no.

Mistress Joanne: “No one can shame you if you are not ashamed.”

I live by these words.  » Read more

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Wired Differently

If I try to be monogamous with a vanilla man with low libido ever again, someone please inform me of the error of my ways.

I recently had a nice girly evening with the lovely Sika in which we commiserated about the plight of the kinky, libidinous female.

We’re raised culturally to believe that men are hardwired to constantly want sex day and night,  » Read more

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Shoe Porn: Madrid, Ed Hardy

It all started last October when J and the Sexy Librarian took me shopping at the mall with them. Since Halloween was right around the corner, there was a beautiful shiny pair of coppery orange  pumps at Torrid that I was absolutely in love with, but I had so many irritating expenses at the time what with attorney fees and my divorce filing costs and paying a therapist to process guilt from the divorce that I couldn’t justify dropping $60 on a new pair of pumps,  » Read more

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Shoe Porn

Gently used cherry red Hot Topic brand pumps, obtained for $13.00 (shipping included) on eBay.

I don’t usually go for open-toed styles, but these were so unique – tulip-esque, a cross between hooves and labia.  » Read more

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My Most Toxic Friendship

I glance at my phone. New text message:

“Starting to wonder where you are.”

I log into e-mail, social networks. She’s contacted me there. The pleas are desperate, passive-aggressive, subtly scathing. She knows how to needle me better than anyone, having installed a lot of my neuroses herself.

It’s been 10 days since I’ve called her,  » Read more

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I am in a relationship that is wonderful beyond words. Romantically speaking, this is the happiest I’ve ever been.

I’m not used to being this happy with a partner, having my needs met this fully, enjoying myself this effortlessly and consistently.

Lately, I’ve been trying to sort out some of the shock from the experience.  » Read more

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