• I’m going back to school soon for the fall semester. It’s been 5 years since I’ve been a full-time student, and I’m stressed in anticipation for the big change, especially as I’m planning to continue to work as much as I possibly can.
  • Compounding the adjustment stress is the fact that Skyspook and I are planning our wedding,
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Bedroom Science

Sometimes I feel like I’m a specimen in a laboratory, everything up in the air from my perspective, even as I’m guided through a series of tests by some unknown detached force. The lab is immense, stretching out in every conceivable direction. I am thronged by dozens of concurrent experiments in their respective chambers. You see,   » Read more

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Fifty Shades of Meh – Review, Might Have a Few Spoilers

I just finished reading E. L. James’s Fifty Shades trilogy.

Noting Myth’s and J’s warnings that the books were birthed from Twilight fan fiction, and nothing possibly good could come of that, I nonetheless downloaded the first book on my Kindle. There’s been a lot of buzz about the book, and as a long-time reader of romance (I completely devoured a trunk of trashy paperbacks bestowed to me by my aunt in elementary school that I was mysteriously allowed to read by my otherwise conservative parents) and an advocate of kink,  » Read more

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You Know the Score

Hi, my name is Page, and I’ve been addicted to dating losers.

I can’t pinpoint the precise moment it started, but it became a vital dating strategy of mine years ago, a result of beliefs I formed in junior high school.

There seemed to be a hierarchy to desirability, an invisible and complicated formula that described the natural order of things.  » Read more

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Sex Games – For Science!

The question of how long Skyspook and I can watch porn without becoming so physically uncomfortable with arousal that we have no choice but to fornicate still remains to be answered – as sadly, both test subjects, crazed with desire, failed to keep time.

However, it should be noted that it is less than the battery life on Skyspook’s laptop.  » Read more

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“You’ve never heard that before?” I’m asked by an almost 11-year-old boy waiting for his father to make baseball helmet decals at the fab lab. The boy is making Donald Duck noises as the adults discuss navy deployment strategies.

I pause. “I have the ability to be continually surprised and delighted by things I’ve seen and heard many times.”  » Read more

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The Torture of Compliments

In response to an essay my friend Betty C wrote over at Fetlife musing on the concept of “forced adoration” as a shadow twin to forced humiliation, a relatively common BDSM practice, a writing that quickly made Kinky and Popular (a kind of greatest hits stream for the kinky social network), my friend Ferrett made this blog post ruminating on the importance of being able to accept compliments and promptly declared yesterday “National Accept-the-Niceness Day.”

In the writing,  » Read more

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Page Van Winkle

Last week, my parents made the trip out here from Maine to see me for the first time in a year and a half. This was the first time they’d get to see where I was staying out here in Ohio, our house, our lovely town. And it was the first time they’d meet Skyspook.  » Read more

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Courting the Serpent

I cannot remember a time that I wasn’t terrified of snakes. One of my earliest memories is of the summer my family lived in Buffalo in company housing, technically an efficiency, but for our family of six, it served as little more than a glorified hotel room. I was three years old, so much of that time is represented by singular images taken out of context,  » Read more

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