Laundry Time

Skyspook, I love folding your clothes.

Most people would see these as pieces of fabric, but I see you in every one. They’re where you spend most of your days, armor protecting you from the world.

Sorting into piles, I ruminate on who you are, who you’ve been, who you’ll one day be – not to find answers but to enjoy the way the questions echo with no one to answer them.  » Read more

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Baggage Claim

“I said love. Why does that almost always translate to something sexual for you?”

It’s just an SMS on a 2-inch screen. It shouldn’t be filling my eyes with tears, doubling me over in pain, making my world spin.

I text Skyspook a quick apology for reading sexual undercurrents into the message he’d sent earlier.  » Read more

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Good Night

When I love you, I love to watch you touch yourself the way you like to be touched, love to see you get lost in yourself, surrender to sensation. It’s an opportunity to glimpse into your sexual inner life, see traces of that force within you that compels you to connect, to move, to drive forward.  » Read more

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Obscurantista, Friend Recruiter

Occasionally, I wonder if I belong on “the scene,” curious because I regularly go to parties and events and have even toyed with the idea of teaching a class or two – and then after rejecting or ignoring a few dozen advances, I start to ask myself: Am I in the right place? Or is the scene better left to people who are still looking for play partners,  » Read more

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Riding Off the Beaten Path

My bike’s tires are a lot like me. Cautious and a bit clingy but reliable. They grip the road snugly, though they make it difficult to keep up with Skyspook on our rides, slowing me down. His tires are larger, smoother, thinner, flick over the road with ease. He’s had 3 flats but knows how to fix them and has done so each time,  » Read more

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kinky life

This was actually an entry from a private journal I posted October 16, 2011, so Skyspook and I were newer to doing dungeon scenes and pain work together, but it really spells out some of my inner turmoil and the process I was going through at that time. I found it interesting in hindsight, so I thought it’d be nice to repost it:

kinky life

Posted [protected post]on 2011.10.16 at 11:25  » Read more

The energy at the dungeon was in rare form last night –

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mono guilt

I find myself vacillating between which will kill my relationship with Skyspook faster, which is the bigger risk: Staying monogamous with him, limiting his options, potentially choking that new fresh spark out of us once and for all with a lack of sexual variety and/or a feeling that I’m trying to control him or own his sexuality –  » Read more

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On Obscurantism

I was cruising through some old chat logs for a romantic trip down memory lane and came across myself explaining to Skyspook about my personal views on language:


Conversation with skyspook at 5/11/2011 on irc:

(2:50:32 PM) page: I wanted to say it without saying it
(2:50:44 PM) page: that’s how poetry is,  » Read more

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That Voodoo That We Do So Well

I had a professor back in the day who used to say, “The poetry isn’t in the words. It’s everything in between the words.” And I believe poetry is what happens inside the reader as a result of the piece.

Poetry is the finesse, the connotations we derive, the emotional and intellectual resonance that results from the words that are read or spoken.  » Read more

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