7 Ways to Support People Who Are Estranged From Their Families Over the Holidays

a black and white photo of someone sitting alone at a table
Image by Steve Morris / CC BY

Hi Page, I enjoyed your open letter to your mother. I don’t have a difficult relationship with my own parents, so it was very eye opening to me. I do have friends whose situation is similar to yours though. The holidays are coming up soon, and I’ve heard that they can be a tough time for people estranged from their families.  » Read more

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I’ve Danced With George Michael So Many Times

This is street art featuring 3 painted portraits of George Michael side by side, in 3 different colors (magenta, blue, black)
Image by Matt Brown / CC BY

I have a gay male friend who is tall, has a full beard, and is very masculine but often dresses up for house parties in a fabulous dress with matching accessories. The entire glamorous works.

Well, I call him gay. But I think he considers himself Kinsey 5. I faintly recall one time his telling me that he likes boobs and has had a good time in MMF threesomes where he wasn’t directly engaged with the below bits of a lady.   » Read more

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When People Tell You What They Think You Want to Hear

it's a photograph of a sign that says "work in progress sorry for any inconvenience caused." on the sign is also a little drawing of a worker wearing a hard hat.
Image by Alexander Baxevanis / CC BY

It is really difficult for an organization to get honest feedback.

Whenever I talk about this (whether it’s part of a training or even at a research presentation), I’ll inevitably get someone who jumps in and argues with the premise almost immediately.

“Not from me,” they’ll say. “I let people know what I think.”  » Read more

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Personal Growth Can Be a Wonderful Thing, But It Can Also Sometimes Mean Losing People

a dandelion flower that's gone to seed that's lost most of its seed and is very bare. Beneath the photograph is a caption that reads "Loss"
Image by John Morgan / CC BY

People tend to talk about personal growth in rather glowing terms, like it’s always a desirable goal. Something to be worked towards. Commendable.

But the truth is that the outcome isn’t always rosy, at least not in the short term. The most important growth usually doesn’t come without some sort of cost.

The hardest part about figuring yourself out is that you can’t always take other people with you.  » Read more

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When You’re Giving a Speech, You Don’t Look Nearly as Nervous as You Feel

a child with long hair standing in front of a microphone and holding their arms above their head in a victorious pose
Image by Brisbane City Council / CC BY

Public speaking has always made me nervous.

This typically comes as a surprise to people, as I’ve done an awful lot of it in my life. I started pretty young, as a lector at my church. Later I would act in plays and compete in Lincoln-Douglas debate.

After I studied to become a psychological researcher,  » Read more

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