Once Upon a Time, You Could Sue People for Breaking Up With You

a broken heart
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Our current conception of marriage as a romantic institution founded on love is relatively new. For hundreds, arguably thousands of years (since marriage ceremonies were documented as early as 2350 B.C. in Mesopotamia), marriage existed primarily to establish strategic alliances between families.

Marriage was a practical fixture, usually having a lot to do with money.  » Read more

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What Is a Midlife Crisis?

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Midlife crisis. I’m screwing my face up involuntarily just writing the phrase. There are so many damn jokes about it. I’ve been dreading my own for decades now, for far longer than made sense to. Afraid catching myself behaving like the characters on a deck of “Congratulations, You’re Over the Hill!” novelty playing cards.

I suppose my gender has spared me the brunt of it.  » Read more

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Proofreading Your Dating Profile Could Make You More Attractive…But Only to Certain People

it's a graphic image with proofreading marks that indicate "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
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Since I’ve studied linguistics and particularly have enjoyed psycholinguistics (a field of study sometimes also known as the psychology of language), I am not one of those people who fly around everywhere correcting everyone else’s grammar.

I’m instead more interested in how language is used in everyday life (whether or not that lines up with the correct way to structure communication).  » Read more

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Yet Another Reason to Cry: To Help Speed Recovery

a person crying
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A while back, this series featured an article called “Why Do We Cry? Two Dueling Explanations.”

The piece looked at a study that explored the following two possible popular explanations for crying as a social behavior:

  1. The Helping Hypothesis. The idea behind this is that we evolved to cry in order to solicit social support from others.
  2.   » Read more

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An Effective Apology Can Be About Establishing a Shared Reality

a white outline of the united States map on a pink background. The words "SORRY" in pink are imposed over the US map.
Image by jason wilson / CC BY

I’ve been in a lot of relationships at this point. Some of them were marked by good conflict resolution and others… well, they really, really weren’t.

I’ve often said to friends that a good apology means the world to me. That for me it’s often less about there never being conflict in the first place and more about being with someone who apologizes well when things go off-track.  » Read more

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