Are Cat Lovers Masochists?

an angry looking cat
Image by Omer Unlu / CC BY

I never know quite where you stand, and that’s why I’m so into you.

Your attention and affection aren’t readily available. Instead, they’re highly conditional. And those conditions are ever-changing, hidden from the rest of the world.

You play a game whose rules aren’t published anywhere. Because they fluctuate like Fluxx or Calvinball.  » Read more

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What Might Seem Like “Laziness” Could In Fact Be Different Priorities 

a collection of 3 Daleks (one red, one white, one blue), robot villains from the TV Show Dr. Who, in the grass
Image by steve p2008 / CC BY

As I mentioned before, I’m naturally fairly laidback about chores. I happily do them and pitch in wherever I can (and at times, I do something like 15-20 hours of chores a week). But I’m not someone that’s ever going to be automatically repulsed by clutter or a mess.

This is likely an adaptation based on how I spent my teenage years:

 …the short version is that in the 90s,  » Read more

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Forgiveness Doesn’t Have to Look Like Forgiveness to the Person You’re Forgiving

abstract black and white digital art; it appears to be a blurry arch
Image by Howard Duncan / CC BY

forgive (verb) – to stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake


As I mentioned in another recent post, people tend to have a very expansive notion of forgiveness. They’ll often act as though forgiving someone means that you forgot what they did or that you allow your relationship with them to be exactly as it was before.  » Read more

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