The Middle Path Between Accepting or Rejecting a Difficult Self-Belief Outright Is Testing It

5 test tubes, left to right, have fluid in the following colors: orange, yellow, green, blue purple
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There are lots of important things I was never told about relationships. Not told by popular depictions of course, which are really a strange way to learn about what relationships are like (although a lot of us do learn primarily this way).

But also not told by my parents. Or anyone else, really.  » Read more

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Emotionally Reactive People Don’t Make Much Sense to Proactive People

colorful absurdist abstract art that contains the forms of an eye, a stick figure, a man's face, a bird and other shapes
Image by David Matthew Parker / CC BY

I’m flustered again, mystified by the inexplicably bad behavior of someone else.

It’s not just disappointing behavior, mind you; it verges on the absurd.

I share this with a friend of mine. He thinks for a moment, before saying, “What you have to remember, Page, is that most people have the emotional regulation of a flea.”  » Read more

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Dear Readers, This Is How It’s Going & What’s Up

an envelope
Image by Delwin Steven Campbell / CC BY

Dear Readers,

I have been publishing daily articles on this blog since September 1, 2016. This site existed for several years before then, but it was called something different and functioned more like a regular journal than a themed website.

I’ve managed during these past 3.5 years to be rather consistent and put out content regardless of whatever chaos was ensuing in my personal life.  » Read more

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