Nowhere to Hide: How “It’s Complicated” Makes Everything Very Simple

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Image by Naotake Murayama / CC BY

I recently stumbled across a piece by Heina Dadabhoy called “Polyamory: What No One Warned Me About.” As Dadabhoy writes:

Polyamory makes it worse in that the usual rationalizations for getting dumped don’t work when you were poly with the person and they remain poly after the break-up.

“They left me so they could date someone prettier/smarter/easier/better than me”?  » Read more

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Go Ahead and Date Your Friends, But Break Up Well

Green background with this text in black letters "Computer dating's OK, if you're a computer. -Rita Mae Brown"
Image by Brett Jordan / CC BY

It’s a common rule that a lot of people have when they open up their relationships: No friends.

It’s likely one of those carryovers from traditional dating wisdom. Don’t date friends because most relationships break up, and if you break up with someone, you’re likely to ruin the friendship.

But my dirty secret: I nearly always date friends.  » Read more

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