Jealousy Shaming, Gatekeeping, and Honor Students: No, Really. Please Be Jealous. I Mean It.

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Image by Richard Elzey / CC BY

Jealousy Shamed

One of the more surreal aspects of blogging to a wide audience is reading other people’s takes on the personal experiences you’ve shared with them. You get used to it quickly, or you don’t last. I find that even more challenging perspectives can be helpful if I can resist the urge to get defensive.  » Read more

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“Hands Off That Guilt!”: Emotional Loan Sharks and Guilt Without an Expiration Date

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“Hands Off That Guilt!”

Last week, we posted “Distressed by Another’s Jealousy: How to Deal with Guilt from Hurting a Partner” in response to a reader who wrote in asking for help.

The piece drew a lot of interest. Most of it was positive and thanked us for tackling a common issue that isn’t often addressed by existing poly how-to.  » Read more

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