Shoe Porn: Madrid, Ed Hardy

It all started last October when J and the Sexy Librarian took me shopping at the mall with them. Since Halloween was right around the corner, there was a beautiful shiny pair of coppery orange  pumps at Torrid that I was absolutely in love with, but I had so many irritating expenses at the time what with attorney fees and my divorce filing costs and paying a therapist to process guilt from the divorce that I couldn’t justify dropping $60 on a new pair of pumps,  » Read more

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Shoe Porn

Gently used cherry red Hot Topic brand pumps, obtained for $13.00 (shipping included) on eBay.

I don’t usually go for open-toed styles, but these were so unique – tulip-esque, a cross between hooves and labia.  » Read more

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My Most Toxic Friendship

I glance at my phone. New text message:

“Starting to wonder where you are.”

I log into e-mail, social networks. She’s contacted me there. The pleas are desperate, passive-aggressive, subtly scathing. She knows how to needle me better than anyone, having installed a lot of my neuroses herself.

It’s been 10 days since I’ve called her,  » Read more

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I am in a relationship that is wonderful beyond words. Romantically speaking, this is the happiest I’ve ever been.

I’m not used to being this happy with a partner, having my needs met this fully, enjoying myself this effortlessly and consistently.

Lately, I’ve been trying to sort out some of the shock from the experience.  » Read more

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Skyspook: Are you perving on yourself?


Me: I’m a pansexual woman. And I just happen to be my type.




He’d strapped me to a black leather massage table, a vinyl pillow under my head. My restraints were locked. I tugged against them to check.  » Read more

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Teacher and Student Are One

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17


It’s funny where the moments of clarity sometimes spring from. A smart phone app seemed an unlikely place, and yet, I found myself twitching with jealousy every time Vlingo would say “Yes, Master,” to Skyspook.

He chuckled at first,  » Read more

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Another View

Skyspook’s reaction to “Desperation”:

(12:18:53 PM) skyspook: I liked the post… although it sounds so sad. It was not your fault that you were desperate. Anybody would want out of the situation you found yourself in
(12:19:54 PM) skyspook: Really, the dictionary definition is “having an urgent need or desire”.  » Read more

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