Happiness is a Warm Gun

“Holy shit!” I broke into uncontrollable cackles, after I’d fired off 2 rounds. “I get why you do this!”

I was shooting a gun for the first time, a dainty .22 pistol, at this anything goes backwoods outdoor range and had managed to decimate one of the many cans of orange soda we’d procured at the dollar store for just this purpose.  » Read more

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Paradigm Shift

I woke up yesterday morning, completely without warning, with a sense that a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt lighter, more at peace. My anxiety was better than I can remember it being. I could speak without the echo of fear and doubt that accompanies most of my social interactions (in the manner of quick thoughts like “well,  » Read more

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“I love you,” Skyspook said as we were about to get out of the car.

I looked at him and smiled.

“Wow,” he said. “There’s no doubt on your face. You believe me. You’re just letting yourself enjoy it.”

Is it because of the ring he gave me?  » Read more

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I’d rather not have children. Ever.


I actually like children well enough and would love to do some mentoring or teaching, but parenting’s not my dream, and it’s so pervasive in a person’s life that if it’s not my dream, I think I’ll pass because it would only end in my misery and emotional martyrdom.  » Read more

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Super Cute Gift!

My birthday’s this week, and my friend Crystal sent me the most adorable present.  I’m a telecommuter and am in the process of turning my at-home office into a full-blown “girl cave” – like the one the Sexy Librarian has and I got to drool over recently. Clothes, shoes, probably a vanity,  » Read more

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In Pieces

Ex-Husband used to have a difficult time falling asleep because he’d often find himself awake, fearing death. Fear of dying plagued his existence. I really don’t worry about death much. I worry more about debility or mutilation – be it loss of a limb through amputation or traumatic brain injury.

I am quite familiar with many of the pragmatics involved.  » Read more

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