“I heard that you spank so hard, you send girls flying across the room,” I said.

“You heard right,” Skyspook replied.

We’d been kissing for a while, intensely. I felt breathless, half mad. It seemed a good time to come up for air. I sprawled myself across his lap, wiggled my butt.  » Read more

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Prized Possession

Sexually speaking, I enjoy being a thing. But not just any old thing. I want to be the best thing that he owns. I want to be Skyspook’s favorite thing.

That’s a difficult concept for some to grasp, the idea that a person can be both objectified and special to the person objectifying them.  » Read more

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Goodbye, White Knight

In February of 2010, I’m walking through the streets of Bangor late at night in 4-inch patent leather heels with a handsome man holding my hand, steadying me. He’s a friend I’ve made out with a few times. We’ve both had a fair amount of drink, left the party to take a walk for the privacy,  » Read more

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As the Dom Melts

Conversation with skyspook at 9/16/2010 12:10:53 PM on (irc)

(12:11:02 PM)page: hey, I read some of your LJ – good luck with all the weight loss stuff 🙂
(12:11:14 PM)page: I’ve been on a diet for over a year and a half now – I know how hard it can be
(12:11:58 PM)page: I’ve lost about 130 pounds in 18 months and still have 30 to lose,  » Read more

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In the Dust

March 2010 – Saint Patrick’s Day


“You’ve been doing amazing,” S says. “You look incredible. You’ve changed so much.” We lock arms, cuddle. “Just be careful. Don’t leave him behind.”


S throws a look at my then-husband, who is doing a line of shots with some of the other boys across the room.  » Read more

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