The brief moment between the swing and the sting of the dressage whip seems to span eons. Sometimes he’s a bastard and swings it so I’ll hear it and think the pain is coming, just so he can watch me wince. Like Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown at the last instant.

But not this time.  » Read more

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sub frenzy

He sees me outlining the cartoonish bruises on my breast. I hear his laugh and became totally aware of what I’m doing. I must be getting that dreamy look on my face again. He leans in, his hot breath on my neck. “Awww… you’ll be lording over those all week. Every time you glimpse your cleavage.  » Read more

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That first bite of fried egg hit my tongue and sent my whole mouth into paroxysms of joy. Just a kiss of butter, the white so delicate and chewy, medium hard yolk melting, sending shivers down my spine. It was as good as anything I’ve ever eaten while stoned. And we were both perfectly sober.  » Read more

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Welcome to Fight Club

I’ve been wanting to write this essay for a while, stopped and started. Floundered.

Because while I feel strongly about the following issue, I find myself reluctant to admit openly that Skyspook and I have had disagreements. Which is ludicrous, really. But I’m a victim of social pressure. So many times have I heard people in relationships proudly proclaiming,  » Read more

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The Little Clit That Could

a train at a train station

I remember the first orgasm I ever had for one distinct reason: It terrified me.

It was New Year’s Eve ’97, and I was sitting on my boyfriend Greg’s lap, straddling him as we kissed on the couch, and he fondled my breasts – a Kathy Griffin stand-up special blaring raucously in the background.  » Read more

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Better Than a Friend

So much work has already been done, sorting out my own head, my feelings, thought patterns, behaviors. And so much lies ahead.

Today, a single thought crystallizes into word form, “He treats me better than a friend, and this is what shocks me.”

I’ve felt this, thought it wordlessly, nebulously, without form –  » Read more

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