Back in the vanilla world again – PXS 2013 #1

I spent the weekend at Power eXchange Summit (PXS) in Columbus. PXS is a special event. More than anything, it is about talking, exploring, socializing. I think of it as a kinky couples’ retreat, even though there are a number of polyamorous connections involved and leather families and houses stretching that description – but if there’s one thing you learn in the pansexual BDSM community,  » Read more

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For my fellow poly/bi nerds…

I was doing research for a class project and found many interesting articles in online research databases, one of which I fortuitously found the author had linked to at his own web site.

Excellent article on the common social and political challenges faced by the polyamorous and bisexual communities (a lot of overlap on that Venn diagram):

The Power Dynamics of Cheating: Effects on Polyamory and Bisexuality  » Read more

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Schools of Thought

It’s been difficult finding my way lately. More knowledge has made it more difficult, rather than less — as it delineates the myriad possibilities that exist. Even within the more “learned” communities, there are a number of competing philosophies/approaches. For example: My social psych prof lectured to the class the other day how he feels he must know a text inside and out in order to teach it and that he never arrives to class with notes because if he requires notes to lecture,  » Read more

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True Grit

A few weeks have passed since my last update, but the time feels infinitely longer. Strangely, time seems to drag when I’m busy – but not in a painful way. It’s just that I’m so deeply engaged that by the end of each day I feel like 2 or 3 have passed. Weekdays anyway. It seems more and more that weekends are spent doing essentially nothing,  » Read more

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In the year leading up to this past fall, I was frustrated and beaten down by my job, by the way the transcription industry was requiring more work for less pay with each passing year, and how powerless I seemed to do anything about it. Changes in compensation, for example, had placed extreme stress on the last few years of my first marriage –  » Read more

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The Unsung Perks of Remarriage

It’s widely acknowledged that most second marriages end in divorce – and while statistics predict that the majority of first marriages fail, the failure rate for first marriages is barely a majority with the percentage being just over half and the failure rate for second marriages being closer to two-thirds.

Though I ended up marrying Skyspook anyway,  » Read more

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I, Researcher

The semester ends next week, but I finished my last paper today, and all that remains are 3 tests, for which I am very well prepared.

Looking back on the last few months, I am overjoyed by the sheer amount of progress I’ve made, both intellectually and emotionally. In addition to having a successful transition back to school,  » Read more

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