Let’s Be Brave

I’ve been living in the city just over a year now after a life spent largely in small towns in Central Maine.

There are many differences between where I was and where I am now, some of them obvious. For example, Eastern Seaboard roads are quite narrow in a way that roads here in the Midwest are not.  » Read more

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Unknown Devils

The last few years of our marriage, Ex-Husband used to say that people were taken with me only because they didn’t know me very well, that the problems between the two of us were caused by his knowing “the true me,” and that after any significant length of time anyone I was with romantically would have similar complaints and that I’d run into the same problems over and over again.  » Read more

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“I heard that you spank so hard, you send girls flying across the room,” I said.

“You heard right,” Skyspook replied.

We’d been kissing for a while, intensely. I felt breathless, half mad. It seemed a good time to come up for air. I sprawled myself across his lap, wiggled my butt.  » Read more

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Prized Possession

Sexually speaking, I enjoy being a thing. But not just any old thing. I want to be the best thing that he owns. I want to be Skyspook’s favorite thing.

That’s a difficult concept for some to grasp, the idea that a person can be both objectified and special to the person objectifying them.  » Read more

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Goodbye, White Knight

In February of 2010, I’m walking through the streets of Bangor late at night in 4-inch patent leather heels with a handsome man holding my hand, steadying me. He’s a friend I’ve made out with a few times. We’ve both had a fair amount of drink, left the party to take a walk for the privacy,  » Read more

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As the Dom Melts

Conversation with skyspook at 9/16/2010 12:10:53 PM on (irc)

(12:11:02 PM)page: hey, I read some of your LJ – good luck with all the weight loss stuff 🙂
(12:11:14 PM)page: I’ve been on a diet for over a year and a half now – I know how hard it can be
(12:11:58 PM)page: I’ve lost about 130 pounds in 18 months and still have 30 to lose,  » Read more

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