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Our psychological and emotional positions in the sadomasochist realm firmly established, I’d broached the topic of D/s. I wanted to know where we were going.

“Well, what do you want?” he asked me.

It was a simple question, but for some reason I found myself unable to answer him. I find this to be the case when I care too much about what I’m about to say—I clam up,  » Read more

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I’ve loved you a season now.

Somehow your eyes are growing softer and brighter with time and the colors around us more vibrant.

This new us is one where I know myself, where I stay intact, not bled into the fabric of “the couple.” I see myself, I see you –  » Read more

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Last night, you told me that prosody was my strong suit and drew a heart in black ink on my shoulder with your good pen before handing it to me so I could write. I wanted to write something. I did. You were lying next to me reading your novel, and I could feel your presence.  » Read more

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sexual compass

Sexual Orientation

I am attracted to people in general. I don’t have a preference when it comes to gonads.

There is also a wide range to what I’m attracted to in terms of secondary sex characteristics and physical attributes and that I lack clear preferences to those as well (height, degree of body hair,  » Read more

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The Question of Promiscuity, OR Ain’t Gonna Shame Ya

The stigma of having multiple partners is ubiquitous. It’s especially obvious in “normal” society with the standard tradition of monogamy or at least serial monogamy where people are expected to have only one sexual partner in any given time span. Sex positivity has been in my life (as I’m sure it has been in many others) a constant struggle to connect with and accept my own sexuality,  » Read more

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9 years old

Though I am running a fever, I go to a dear friend’s sleepover at her insistence. The conversation turns to my developing body. I am the only girl in the fourth grade wearing a bra. The other girls pressure me, mock me, calling me names, chiding me for my boob fat,  » Read more

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Poly With a Penis

Polyamory. It’s a woman’s world.

Don’t look at me like that. 😛 I’m not hating on men! I have character witnesses that will testify that I (enthusiastically) love me some men – despite the strange looks I’ve gotten from some of my friends.

That’s the problem, really. The curious double standard.  » Read more

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It came from the playground…?

We were all children at one point.

The last few days, I’ve been considering the idea that D/s mimics a lot of social interplay in childhood before we are properly “socialized.” Without getting into gory and depressing details, sexual humiliation is a central part of my psyche and formative sexual experiences simply from having been the first girl in my class to develop and having a strict French Canadian Catholic upbringing.  » Read more

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