Open or Ajar?

I’ve been reflecting on polyamory again.

Although Skyspook and I have been exclusive for over 2 years, we started out dating each other non-monogamously, and I had a decently sizable web of lovers before the shit really hit the fan. My ex-husband Seth and I opened our marriage after 8 years of being monogamous together and spent 2 years dating other people together and separately before we called it quits.  » Read more

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I Accept Devastation

I’ve been in Ohio 3 years now and with Skyspook for nearly that long, and I have to say that I am absolutely done with doubting my own ability to choose partners or worrying that things with Skyspook are going to blow up spectacularly (on some hypothetical day for some unforeseen reason), and I’ll find myself twice divorced.  » Read more

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I see that it’s been 7 months since I’ve posted anything to this blog. There have been a number of reasons for this, many typical and mundane enough to make your eyes glaze over. Chief among these myriad banalities is that my professional life has been central to my existence in a magnitude unrivaled by anything in recent years.  » Read more

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Maybe the secret, after all, is that it’s a great deal more simple than I had believed: His hand on my back, our bodies intertwined in the bed, the familiar smell of his skin, and how his smile effortlessly warms me.

I am heady and high on love for him.

No sin to enjoy that.  » Read more

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Round Two

“Can we go, or are you going to pout all night?” His tone was sharp, and I cringed away from him.

“Am I not allowed to feel bad?” I replied, feeling something shrivel up inside of me.

“If you’re going to pout, you’ll have to stay home,” he restated.

I wasn’t aware that I was pouting.  » Read more

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Homecoming – PXS 2013 #2

It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was coming home.

I handed the slave working the registration table my license. As she skimmed her list, ticking my name off, she said, “I haven’t seen you in a while. You haven’t even written.”

My breath caught in my throat.  » Read more

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Back in the vanilla world again – PXS 2013 #1

I spent the weekend at Power eXchange Summit (PXS) in Columbus. PXS is a special event. More than anything, it is about talking, exploring, socializing. I think of it as a kinky couples’ retreat, even though there are a number of polyamorous connections involved and leather families and houses stretching that description – but if there’s one thing you learn in the pansexual BDSM community,  » Read more

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