The New Party Guest: Trusting Our Partner’s Partner Selection

a needlepoint sampler with the words "let's sway under the moonlight the serious moonlight" stitched from it (lyrics from David Bowie's song "Let's Dance")
Image by goincase / CC BY

One of the best ways to be successful in polyamory? Surround yourself with people whose judgement you trust.

As I mentioned in a previous post on setting boundaries with partners and metamours, it’s important to be able to trust your partners to make good decisions.

Because while systemic consultation definitely has its benefits (surely some poly person has stitched COMMUNICATE ~ COMMUNICATE ~ COMMUNICATE on a sampler or two by now),  » Read more

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PQ 3.2 — Polyamory and Boundaries, First Degree, Second Degree, and Beyond

3 red buckets hanging on a wall, each bucket says "fire" on it
Image by Adele Prince / CC BY

PQ 3.2 — Have I sought input from everyone affected? Have I obtained their consent where my decision overlaps their personal boundaries? (Chapter 3 questions are all asked in the context of ones to ask to evaluate whether your choices are ethical.)


This is truly one of the trickiest parts of polyamory —  » Read more

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