Teacher and Student Are One

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17


It’s funny where the moments of clarity sometimes spring from. A smart phone app seemed an unlikely place, and yet, I found myself twitching with jealousy every time Vlingo would say “Yes, Master,” to Skyspook.

He chuckled at first,  » Read more

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Another View

Skyspook’s reaction to “Desperation”:

(12:18:53 PM) skyspook: I liked the post… although it sounds so sad. It was not your fault that you were desperate. Anybody would want out of the situation you found yourself in
(12:19:54 PM) skyspook: Really, the dictionary definition is “having an urgent need or desire”.  » Read more

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  1. A young person, usually in uniform, employed to run errands, open doors, etc., as in a hotel.
  2. One side of a sheet of paper as in a book, magazine, or newspaper.

noun:  in medieval times a youth acting as a knight’s attendant as the first stage in training for knighthood
noun:  a youthful attendant at official functions or ceremonies such as legislative functions and weddings
noun:  a boy who is employed to run errands

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Mmmm… Delicious, Delicious Whore Pills

Stop worrying about how much sex young women are having. Seriously.

When we judge young women predominantly based on their sexual activity or inactivity as virtuous or loose, responsible or irresponsible, ethical or unethical, we shift focus away from the rest of the values and behaviors we should be teaching them: Self-determination, self-compassion,  » Read more

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Stranger in a Strange Land

Sometimes I feel like I ran away to Ohio to join the sex circus.

There was a birthday dinner I went to this winter for a friend of mine. I met up with a bunch of people at this great sushi restaurant on the East Side. There was my friend, her boyfriend, and her husband (the 3 of them at the time mostly vanilla/a tad kink curious but poly),  » Read more

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